• Mrs. Guinn Wood recived the Marth Washington Medal for her years of support and Cookies for the Bingo Games at the Hampton VA.
  • Mrs. Elaina Warren revived the Lydia Darragh medal for her support of the Chapter as 1st lady in addition to photographer for chapter meeting.
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Thomas Nelson Jr. Chapter Meeting Minutes

Thomas Nelson Jr. Chapter, SAR Minutes

                                                                 March 12, 2019

                                                         James River Country Club

                                                       Neszport News, Virginia

Attendance 9 Members and 12 Guests

The Thomas Nelson, Jr. Chapter meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chapter President, Gary Hodges. 

The Invocation was given by Secretary, Mason Ware, the Pledge of Allegiance by Past President, VASSAR 3rd Vice President, Bruce Meyer, and SAR Pledge by 1st Vice President, John Priest.

President, Gary Hodges, welcomed those in attendance and made introductions and Announcements.  He welcomed prospective member, Ted Martin and his wife Stephanie

As part of the announcements 2nd Vice President and Graves Marking Committee Chairman, Gerald Runyan, has identified a grave of Matthew Anderson at Ware Church, Gloucester that has not been marked.  Mike Lyman, VASSAR Graves Committee Chairman, would like this Ceremony to be held in May or June of this year. 

It was announced that Bruce Meyer is now VASSAR 3rd VP and Rick Elofson continues to serve as VASSAR Treasurer.

 Also, our Chapter has won several awards from VASSAR for participation in several programs.

President, Gary Hodges, presented SAR Rosettes to New Chapter Members: Tony M Walters, Thayer J. Meyer, and Logan T. Meyer.

Past President, Bruce Meyer and 1st Vice President, John Priest, presented the Eagle Scout and SAR Essay Awards to Donald W. Calder III.  Donald placed third in the VASSAR Essay competition and received a $300.00 award.

Chapter President, Gary Hodges, presented Special Awards for Service to the Thomas Nelson, Jr. Chapter to Ken Wood and Dan Warren.

Elaina Warren received the Lydia Darragh Medal for significant service to the chapter President during his term of office. 

Gwen Wood was presented the Martha Washington Medal, Second Award who shows outstanding service to our Chapter’s activities by assisting husband, Ken, in his continued work with the Chapter and VASSAR, and baking cookies for Bingo games at VA.

 President Gary Hodges presented Past President’s Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Daniel Warren.  Dr. Daniel Warren has already served a previous term as Chapter President and has received the Past President’s emblem.

 Dinner was served.

Speaker Marc Nucup of Mariners Museum gave a program on “The Continental Navy”. Mr. Nucup spoke and showed slides of the ships which comprised the new Navy and how this Continental Navy worked during the Revolutionary War.

 Our President reported our next Chapter meeting will be June 11, 2019 at JRCC.  Also, he report that Chapter is in need of additional Committee Chairmen and a Chaplain.

 Benediction and Recessional was given by President, Gary Hodges.

Minutes Submitted,

Mason Ware



Thomas Nelson, Jr. Chapter Officers for year 2019
President – Gary Hodges
1st Vice President – John Priest
2nd Vice President – Gerald Runyan
Treasurer – Frederick Elofson

Secretary – Mason Ware
Registrar – Everett Feldt, Jr.
Newsletter – Bruce Meyer